Friday, July 10, 2009


Here are the petua2 to share with you..

1. Jalan banyak2, I mean, really banyak! Everyday you need to take a walk at least 45 minutes, non-stop walking! It's different if before this u go to work by lrt, and when u got preggie u tot u walk to the lrt is enough but it's not! U need to develop a new routine, maybe you need to walk to the park or walk inside shopping mall..Walking up the stairs also helps but be careful!

2. Do the housework. Eventhough ur body is the heaviest now, u need to practice to bend (squatting) because housework is also part of the exercising. But when u are 1 - 2 weeks near to labour, u need to slow down and rest because u need to keep your energy for pushing.

3. Jgn lawan cakap suami, jgn buat banyak dosa kat suami, before labour minta maaf betul2 dengan suami, minta dia halalkan semua and ask them back whether dia betul2 ikhlas maafkan ke tak. Kalau tak, memang susah la..

4. Doa banyak2 lepas sembahyang supaya senang beranak, takde complication.

5. Hisap air hujung rambut masa tgh mandi (not sure kenapa org suruh amalkan, but ni petua)

6. Minum air akar siti fatimah (My collegue ada bagi, she said selawat and minum waktu dah dekat nak beranak supaya bukaan tu cepat)

7. Waktu nak labour tu jgn takut. Because when u takut, it will stop the endorphin (natural pain killer) from flowing.

8. I took evening primerose oil bila preggie for 37 weeks because I read EPO can help to make your cervix to become ripe and easy to dilate.

9. Baca ayat Nabi Nuh time tengah sakit nak beranak

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